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Small Groups:

CORE Small Groups - We believe that small groups exist to provide a way for people to share life with one another, grow in faith, and create a space to unite individuals together. Jesus spent much of his time with his twelve disciples showing us the importance of how life change happens in a relational setting. Each of our small groups vary by topic, location, and format.



Small Group - Overcomers.jpg

Overcomers Group - Overcomers is a year-round gathering, meeting every other Tuesday, for those looking to find hope and healing in dealing with a variety of life challenges. If you struggle with relational, addiction, or other hang-ups, this group is for you. You will learn how to apply Christ-centered coping skills to grow stronger through these challenges of life. You’re welcome to start attending the group at any time.


“To the Overcomer, A Psalm of David.

1 I waited patiently for the LORD, and he inclined unto me and heard my cry. 2 He brought me up also out of the pit of hopelessness, out of the miry clay and set my feet upon a rock and straightened my steps.” Psalm 40:1-2

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Music Ministry - We believe that worship through music can be a tool to draw people into the presence of God. It is our aim for our worship to be relevant, meaningful, and led by the spirit.  

Men’s Groups - We seek to gather men to develop lifelong friendships with one another, all while growing together as a community in Christ. Our men’s ministry meets one to two times a month.


“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another" Proverbs 27:17

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Women’s Groups - At Church of Redemption we believe that relationships founded in a shared belief in God are important. It is our hope that this ministry will help women to feel at home in our close-knit community all while growing in their faith together. Our women’s ministry meets at different intervals and formats. We look forward to having you join us.

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COR Kids - Our desire is to develop a culture where each child can receive the truth of Jesus and experience His great love for them in a fun and engaging atmosphere. The secure, loving environment of each classroom provides a safe place where the truth of God’s word is established and a desire is stirred to learn and grow in the things of God. We teach and minister to the group using learning styles that make it easy for your child to receive and retain spiritual truths. Each child is respected as an individual with a special purpose chosen by God. Your child is important to us and a treasure and delight to God’s heart. We look forward to partnering with you in believing in God’s highest and best in your child’s life.

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Sports - Church of Redemption men’s adult softball is a ministry first and a sports experience second. We strive to offer a fun, friendly, and God-honoring sports activity to connect people in and outside of our congregation. 

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